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      1. citizenM酒店承诺: a shower so powerful, you’ll feel like you’re at Niagara Falls


      You know there’s nothing better than the feeling of a high-pressure rain shower just to wash away your long hard day of shopping, your elevator pitch perspiration, or your night of vogueing and pop-locking.We’ve got you covered.Or at least, our showers have.

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      1. citizenM酒店承诺: 睡床有多大,美梦就有多甜


      It’s no myth that our beds are really, really BIG.Each citizenM hotel room is complete with an XL king-size bed, fluffy pillows and the finest linen.Maximum capacity of the citizenM hotel room is two persons.Baby cots, extra beds, twin beds, or other sizes not available.

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      1. citizenM酒店承诺: control the room from your bed, like the laziest supervillain ever


      When you’re away from home, you want to feel as comfy as possible, so we’ve designed our room to be controlled by our nifty MoodPad tablet.Open or close the blinds, play with the lights, adjust the temperature, or set one of our custom wake-up themes, all with the swipe of a finger.

citizenM says:  the world’s a big beautiful place.See more of it through our wall-to-wall windows. 

We’ve made sure you’ll get the most out of your downtown Manhattan view with wall-to-wall windows and a room packed full of luxury details.Our rooms breathe uniqueness, style, comfort and everything else, with XL king-size beds, ultra-fluffy pillows, high-pressure rain showers, wall-to-wall windows with a view, free movies for hangovers, free Wi-Fi for bed selfies, international plug system, ambient lighting, and absolutely no silly swan towels or trouser presses.


New York Bowery Hotel




citizenM New York Bowery Hotel

189 Bowery

New York,  NY 10002


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      1. citizenM酒店承诺: you don’t need a degree to understand our books, just an open mind and some time


      感谢我们的好伙伴——全球最棒的书店 MENDO。它令我们的书架摆满了来自世界各地的咖啡桌精装图书,摄影、时尚、旅游、设计。Feel free to flip through and enjoy at your leisure.If you find you cannot part with one, they are available for sale and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

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      2. citizenM酒店承诺:think of our stylish living rooms as the anti-lobby lobby.


      Designed to feel like your own living room – minus the strangers walking around – our lobby is filled with furniture by the Swiss design company Vitra.From design classics to custom designs, all of our furniture is gorgeous and comfortable, and arranged living-room style for you to relax on.We also have work stations complete with iMacs for you to work from, and the kind of office chairs that you’ll actually want to sit on all day."

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      1. citizenM酒店承诺: making art accessible for the people, isn’t that who it’s made for?


      When you think of hotel art, you probably don’t expect more than a landscape reproduction in your room.However, we’re not just any hotel and our contemporary art collection is carefully curated and one-of-a-kind.From photography to sculpture and paintings, get inspired to your heart’s content.You lucky thing you.

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      1. citizenM酒店承诺:  工作、休闲、娱乐在一处,但却不用一次做全部


      当你想工作、想放松、想进餐或与友人会面时,尽可到这一万能的客厅式大堂来。There are also free iMacs to work on, as well as free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel for you to thoroughly abuse.You can set up your own workstation on one of our sofas, or pull up a Vitra office chair to one of our tables.We made sure there’s enough room to charge your laptop, phone and tablet all at once.Smart, eh?

citizenM says: you may not be a New York native, but you can sure feel like one here

You’ve picked a hotel in the middle of New York’s most stylish area, rest assured we’ve designed our lobby to match.Just because you’re a million miles from home doesn’t mean you should feel that way.So, we’ve designed our lobby to feel like your own living room – only better.We’ve stuffed it full of Vitra furniture, installed the fastest, free-est Wi-Fi we could find, and even carved out some spots for you to get some work done.Aren’t we clever?



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      1. citizenM酒店承诺: lunch… the most important meal of the day if you skipped breakfast


      Breakfast at canteenM looks however you want it to, from fresh croissants and scrambled eggs to healthy granola and fruit.For lunch, enjoy our signature sandwiches, salads, sushi, warm dishes and light snacks - all made from carefully chosen local products, made by equally carefully chosen nice local people.And after you finish your meal, enjoy an espresso artfully brewed by our specially trained baristas.You can’t go to that all-important meeting with sleepy eyes!

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      1. citizenM酒店承诺: one word can change somebody’s day… coffee!


      Grab whatever you want at our NYC canteenM - from freshly baked croissants, muffins and temptingly flaky pastries to fresh fruit and homemade granola with yogurt.Or for those who need something savoury (or those who are hungover), enjoy a variety of hot frittatas, organic sausages and grilled tomatoes.Of course, there’s always fresh juice, barista-made coffee and a wide range of teas.Breakfast can be booked in advance with your room from only $19 ($22 if purchased on the day).请在预订页面查看详情。

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      1. citizenM酒店承诺: cocktails make the dullest conversations more interesting


      In the evening, canteenM’s 24hr bar offers a selection of spirits, expertly mixed cocktails, champagne and ice-cold draught beer in an upbeat and funky yet relaxing atmosphere that’s equally popular with local New Yorkers and guests.Our ambassadors are trained as expert mixologists, so ask them about their favourite cocktail - or come up with something completely new altogether - and you’ll be leaving the bar feeling all warm and fuzzy.

citizenM says: canteenM is a 24/7 pit stop for hungry citizens

At citizenM hotels, there’s no need for room service. canteenM at the heart of citizenM New York Bowery has a cosy design and an open kitchen so you can see how your meals are prepared.Enjoy baked goods in the morning, light lunches in the afternoon, and in the evening, simple yet delicious dinners.Snap a pic and start foodstagramming!During the day, there is a coffee bar serving the best shots of caffeine, and at night it morphs into a cocktail bar.


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